General Aviation Aircraft Landing problems

Whenever I try to land one of the few GA aircraft Infinite Flight has, I always bounce back into the air 2 or more times before jarring against the runway and finally stopping. I want to know if anyone has any recommendations to avoid bouncing. Should I stall the aircraft??? Come in high??? Please let me know.


Check your weight settings?

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You´re landing with too much vertical speed. For GA, -100ft/m (or less) upon touchdown will yield nice results.


Okay, thanks.

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What swordfish said…but why is this in #support?

Good question m9.

It’s in support because I needed help :v

It isn´t a bug regarding IF, you asked for help regarding how to land GA aircraft, so it should go in General.

Try to flare. Around 50ft

Too high. You float that way. Between 10-30ft is an OK altitude.

The support category isn’t just bugs, it can be used for help with IF.

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