General ATC Tracking Thread [Closed from 1800Z to 1200Z the next day]

Hi everyone! I have come up with an idea to making ATC tracking easier. A general ATC tracking thread for TS1! If you are planning to go on ATC at one of the airports below reply below or PM me saying which airport and your predicted start/end time. Also make sure to tell me when you are done! To start I will be adding 10 major airports from countries all over the world. More airports will be added in the future when I get the chance. I am hoping this will work out to be a great tracking thread. Thanks everyone!

North America 2 ATC

US Airports

KATL -Status: No ATC
KLAX -Status: No ATC
KORD -Status: No ATC
KDFW -Status: No ATC
KDEN -Status: No ATC
KJFK -Status: No ATC
KSFO -Status: No ATC
KCLT -Status: No ATC
KLAS -Status: No ATC
KMIA -Status: No ATC
KEWR -Status: Active ATC @William_Armstrong SAN -Status: Active ATC @Gliding_Central

Canada Airports

CYVR -Status: No ATC
CYYZ -Status: No ATC
CYYC -Status: No ATC
CYUL -Status: No ATC
CYTZ -Status: No ATC
CYHZ -Status: No ATC
CYWG -Status: No ATC
CYYJ -Status: No ATC
CYOW -Status: No ATC
CYYT -Status: No ATC

Mexico Airports

MMMX -Status: No ATC
MMUN -Status: No ATC
MMGL -Status: No ATC
MMMY -Status: No ATC
MMTJ -Status: No ATC
MMSD -Status: No ATC
MMPR -Status: @William_Armstrong - Opening at 1620Z
MMMD -Status: No ATC
MMCL -Status: No ATC
MMLO -Status: No ATC

Central/South America (10 Major Airports Throughout Each Region)

Central America

MPTO -Status: No ATC
MROC -Status: No ATC
MSLP -Status: No ATC
MGGT -Status: No ATC
MNMG -Status: No ATC
MRLB -Status: No ATC
MZBZ -Status: No ATC
MHLM -Status: No ATC
MHTG -Status: No ATC
MHRO -Status: No ATC

South America

SBRG -Status: No ATC
SKBO -Status: No ATC
SBSP -Status: No ATC
SBGL -Status: No ATC
SBBR -Status: No ATC
SCEL -Status: No ATC
SPJC -Status: No ATC
SKSM -Status: No ATC
SBCF -Status: No ATC
SABE -Status: No ATC


15 Major European Airports (Will Finish Later Tonight)

EGLL -Status: No ATC
EDDF -Status: No ATC
EDDM -Status: No ATC

Africa Airports

10 Major Africa Airports (Will Finish Later Tonight)

This text will be hidden

Asia Airports

15 Major Asia Airports (Will Finish Later Tonight)

This text will be hidden

Oceania Airports

10 Major Oceania Airports (Will be added later)

This is a good idea.
Perhaps yo should wiki it


Oceania as well please its continent?


I will add later- I will add on in about an hour or so


Will do- thanks for the feedback!


Isn’t this the exact purpose of the #live:atc category?
I’ve seen similar topics in the past and they have all been closed.


I wanted to try this out and see if it would work- we will have to wait and see what the mods do :)

Well it looks good on paper.

  1. This is the purpose of the #live:atc category.
  2. The app has a screen that shows who is active.
  3. Is this going to end up like every other tracking thread where we get 1000 posts in and every other post is flagged for being off topic?

Thanks! I will do my best to make sure that everyone stays on topic if you allow this to remain open- I think this will be a great way for people to practice atc as well as to be able to file a flight plan from one active airport to another without having to check the app

Will be opening up at MMPR at 1620Z

Gotcha! I’ll get you up there!

Opening right now at MMPR

Correction I have changed the airport to KEWR and am opening now

Ok sound good :) your active

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Had to close bc of too many trolls

Sounds good :) I’ll take you off

Hey everyone! @Gliding_Central is active at KSFO! Go there for some great atc!


I am now closed now! =D

Alright I’ll mark you as done

It get’s so busy and so hard, especially when 100 people like ask you for 1 thing after the other! Then some people don’t listen to instructions, then it becomes unbearable! =D