Geminijets 1:400 Scale models

So I can’t really decide on what I want still, but the last poll I did regarding models 1:400 scale model was voted the most. Now I can’t decide the exact model I want.

  • Spirit Airlines A320 Taxi Cab Livery
  • jetBlue A320 Honors our Veterans Livery
  • jetBlue A320 I ♥️ New York Livery (Coming Soon)
  • United Express CRJ-200 Post-Merger Livery (Coming Soon)
  • Delta Airlines 737-800
  • Delta Airlines MD-90
  • Other

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Why is this General?


Because scale models don´t belong to real world aviation.

Sorry about that 😁

They do, search for these kinds of topics in RWA

The delta 737 all the way.

Naw support the veterans all the way, they faught for the freedom we have today

Sporit Airlines **pee yellow livery

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