Gemini Jets: Why is Southwest so hard to obtain?

All five of my Southwest models

I’m always looking for planes to add to my collection, and my collection has grown from just 5 planes to more than 20 airplanes all in 1:400 scale.
The main airline I’ve been trying to get is Southwest, in 1:400 scale. The question is:

Why is it so hard to find GJ Southwest in 1:400 scale?

Currently, I own two new southwest models and three used models that I scored in eBay.

  • Southwest Colorado One (Bought New)
  • Southwest Tennessee One (Bought New)
  • Southwest Arizona One (Used/ most expensive at nearly $60)
  • Southwest Boeing 737-700 canyon blue (used, with eyebrow windows)
  • Southwest 737-300 (Used, cheapest)

I’m trying to get more southwest models to add to my collection, but why is it so hard and mostly very expensive to get on eBay?
I have a friend who is going to sell me his Southwest 737-MAX8 to me sometime this week, which will be my 6th Southwest model and only Southwest with the heart livery in my collection (other than Tennessee one which has the new heart tail)

Do you have a Southwest model? If so how many?

    • I have one southwest model
    • I have multiple Southwest models
    • I don’t have a Southwest model

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Why do you think it’s expensive and hard to find?


Nice collection! I personally had one in the Colorado model that I bought on eBay but I somehow lost it - I may get a new one.

Make sure to get one before they sell out

I have a Maryland One model. Got it for a grand total of $0 (got it from my dad lol).


I’ve found one on eBay, I’ll see if I can get it ;)


I only have one: a Colorado one. I don’t think they’re necessarily hard to find but they’re by far the most expensive narrowbody I’ve ever bought/seen.

Nice models! I have the 1:200 Heart One -800 and a 1:200 B737 MAX 8.


Those are some cool models! I have the Southwest Tennessee One and Colorado One livery!

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I have the max 8 1:400

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Ew Gemini Jets.

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