Gemini Jets Mat

Hey guys. For my birthday I am saving for the gemini jets 1:400 Deluxe Terminal. However, gemini jets’ website does not show the dimensions of the mat. I was wondering if anybody knew what they were. Thanks!

#thirdparty is for applications related to Infinite Flight.

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Not sure why this is in #thirdparty, as it has no relation to Infinite Flight at all…

According to GeminiJets, the dimensions are 19” x 15” x 11”

Check out this site for more information:

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Ok sorry about that and thanks for the dimensions.

Happy birthday mate ;)

If you want to discuss anything about model aircraft you can continue here:

Here you can talk about just the aircraft, the airports and for what you’re saving for. It’s model aircraft heaven😄
If you have any questions you can ask them in here too because there are the ‘experts’
Have an amazing day🎉

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Wait do we share a birthday?

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It looks like you do haha happy birthday mate, make sure to say happy birthday to @Infinite_Qantas


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