Gemini Jets Jetways (Airbridges)

Hey everyone! My 1:400 scale jetways are shipping tomorrow! If anyone owns one of these, can I see some photos? I want to see how big it is (from widebody to narrow body) and if the jetway can lower or go higher (I heard they can, but they easily break). Thanks! Can’t wait to get them!

Interested on seeing my airport in progress? Follow my topic below! It will be updated once I get the jetways and install them on my terminal!


I’ve heard some of them are very good and stable and some are faulty and break easily depends on luck I guess

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Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… here’s my model airport of Philadelphia all 1 400, there are close ups of the jetways as well. Hope this helps 😀

Hi there!

Can’t get photo’s atm, but the jetways are pretty good! You can raise and lower the legs, but they are very stiff. Mine don’t move at all, and I don’t want to risk breaking them by pulling too hard.

The bottom of the jetways are about the level of the A320.

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I’d love to make an airport, but I collect 1:200 models are there isn’t a lot out there for 1:200 airports.

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Hey @7405896A Please re-upload your images. Make sure to wait for the images to actually upload, thanks :)

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Ok thx for telling me

image here’s my model airport, with close ups of planes with the jetways. 😃 It’s of Philadelphia!

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shiver man, when I landed at Phily, I had a 3 hour delay… THREE HOURS, will never return or fly into PHL again! Anyways, Nice model airport :3

Thx, that sucks!

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