Gemini Jets Ideas

I am lookin for some gemini jets 1:400 so what plane should I get?

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Delta A350-900, 45$

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I was thinking about that one

I wanted to get that one too

did you get it?

Oh not yet, gotta convince my parents first lol

Get the dreamlifter!

I’d get the Delta A350. Really nice airplane


1:400? correct

I’m not sure if you’re specifically looking for GeminiJets, but if you want diecast model aircraft in 1:400, I would recommend JC Wings, Panda, or NG over Gemini. They often have better quality models for less money. Gemini’s model prices are very inflated and not worth it anymore, in my opinion. If you want an A350 as you’ve said, Gemini isn’t awful. I personally own a Gemini200 Delta A350, and I love it, although half of the aerials have fallen out just from the model standing on a shelf.

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Yes, the one I have is a 1:400 scale model

I am thinkin like a CS100/A220

This one is easily my favorite.

Also, has your family allowed you to purchase airplane models? I remember you posted in the collections thread how your family banned you from buying them

There’s more than just Gemini Jets. I have models from Phoenix and Jet-X as well as Gemini. NG Models are excellent. In addition to 1/400 I have the Herpa 1/500 Antonov An-22, An-124 and An-225 models. I am currently awaiting a JC Wings BEA BAC 1-11. There’s such a wide variety of 1/400 models out there that I can’t tell you which specific model to buy, but if you give me an idea of what sort of plane you’d like (wide body or narrow body, old or new, American or European etc) I can maybe give a few suggestions.

Here’s a couple of sites you might want to take a look at:

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Philippine Airlines A350 “Love Bus” livery 😉

El Al 744 livery
Or the El Al 789 retro livery

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Where did you get that CS200?

*CS100, I got it at Only got one model, wanted to get more CS100’s as I’m making a mini Delta Hub

I cant find it