Gemini Jets: Are They Worth It?

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Defineltly worth it, I’ve started collecting Gemini Jets 1/400 models late 2019. This is my newest model!


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Just gonna leave this here:


Expensive for little plastic

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Woah those are nice!

Gemini Jets is awesome ! I have lots of models from them! All in 1/400!

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This is catastrophic, however if you want to buy a model/collectible, DO NOT buy it online. Anything could be done to these models after they left the warehouse/manufacturing plant, whether it be used, someone tampered with it during shipment (doesn’t have to be Gemini’s fault), and a load of other things could happen.

I would recommend going to a local model shop. Not only will you see the model and inspect it, but you also help out your local communities who provide good things. You can find a lot of model shops with a ton of variety, not just Gemini Jets, but also SkyMarks and Herpa Wings if Gemini just isn’t your thing. If you want to collect something and preserve its value, my best bet is getting it in real life. None of the middle-man nonsense for something you are trying to value :)

They’re a bit expensive in my opinion…consider looking at NG models, Dragon models, or Aeroclassics to see if they have a better deal. Good brand, though. Be warned, some 747-8 models have wonky gear.

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NG models is quite expensive but quality is amazing! Aeroclassics I would consider to be lower then Gemini if we were rating brands quality


Thank y’all for your comments, but please to try to keep it on topic. I am getting a lot of great feedback and would hate to see this closed down. Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback! Sadly I don’t live near any model shops…

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I have the same issue, except that there are no GeminiJets stores in my country as far as I know

I have mostly daron skylarks models, but I have 4 Gemini 1/400s. The DC-3’s propellers broke, the 737’s gear broke, but I fixed it, the 747’s main gear is all missing, and the A330 fell apart completely. When I was in Hawaii on vacation, I saw this Hawaiian A321NEO for sale. Still with me, and has never broken.

1/200 scale.

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I’ve been collecting for over 5 years now, and honestly I wouldn’t recommend Gemini. There models are very hit or miss, and on top of that they are a slimy company. They take out their competition brutally, and overall it’s a company I wouldn’t support.

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One word: Superglue.

My 1/400 Comet (Aeroclassics model) arrived with the vertical stabiliser unattached. Superglued it back in place and it hasn’t been a problem since. I also tend to glue the landing gear on all models as soon as I get them because rolling wheels are just a gimmick and something to go wrong (a couple of times I’ve had wheels fall off, sparking what is effectively a forensic investigation of my room to locate a TINY rubber wheel).

If they are kept as part of a static display as intended they shouldn’t break.

Use as little glue as possible and apply with precision. Careless or excessive use of superglue can result in damage to the paint.


I find that if you purchase models directly from Boeing/Airbus, they are extremely detailed.

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Gemini Jets have sorta, decreased in quality over the years. I’ve gotten a few 737s broken in the box. But I was able to return and get new ones. I guess they are worth it, depending on your patience to wait for a replacement.