Gemini Jets: Are They Worth It?

If your getting Daron check this out

Really? I have 70+ Gemini models and the only one that’s fallen apart was because I dropped it

Would recommend Hogan for 200 scale. Cheap, comes with gear unlike skymarks, and somewhat good detail.

I have lots of Daron/Toytech planes, including, for some reason, 3 BA 747s (Which I registered as G-BNLY, G-CIVB and G-BYGC)

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The landing gears they fall of so easy. I’ll send some pictures of my broken models.

This happens to me soooooo much! At least didn’t happen with the Landor yet…

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I have to agree, the body gears of my Landor (my sole GeminiJets model) feel like they’re not properly fitted

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I have all of them except for the newest ones. I also buy other brands but most of the time I get my models at the airport.

Ok people, I think his question has been answered
Feel free to continue here:


here are my broken model pics:

Delta MD80 Broken Landing Gear: (Fell Of By Itself one day)

United 737-800 (New Livery) (Fell Of By Itself IN FRONT OF MY EYES)

Delta 737-800 (Fell Of By Itself)


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Lol, I have “only” 1 VS 747, 3 BA 747s, 1 Boeing House 747, 1 BA Concorde, 2 Delta 747s, a United twin-engined and an Emirates A380

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Wow, that sucks, that md80 is probably worth a lot of money. To bad GJ wheels break easy.

Are you sure about that?

oh wait… HAHA!

Guys. Take a look at the post from @Infinite_Qantas.

I have flagged this topic for closure.

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By the engines size, looks like an MD-90, but I may be wrong, but an MD-11? That went WAY too far…

Oh, my bad

What’s going way to far is how everyone is continuing with this topic :)

This is practically clogging the forum now.

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