Gemini jets aircraft, how much do you spend on them?

Hey Everyone! Remember how I said I was getting Gemini jets? Now I am! Now that I have a job, I can finally afford to get a decent model airplane for display. Now I don’t spend it all in one go, I space it out, as I have to pay bills and buy food, but if I have spare, I would go ahead and by a gemini airplane. I’m only going towards 1:400 scale, since they’re cheaper, and I usually go and buy them off of, but since they don’t have every aircraft available, I may have to buy through Amazon, as it’s the second online shopping service I use. Do you have any Gemini Aircraft?

Aircraft I currently have (All 1:400 scale):
Condor Airlines DC-10-30
Emirates Airbus A340
Delta 737-900ER(S)
Delta Airbus A321
Delta Connection E170
none ordered yet

my ugly box with jetways and my model planes

This Delta 737-900ER(S) was my most recent purchase

I’d say I would buy one or two Gemini Aircraft every one to two months.

Most of the topics about Gemini Jets are closed and some look very similar to this one.


It use to be 3 on Christmas and on my birthday but now I think my collection has gone mad and maybe 2 every month (jet-x Gemini and Phoenix) in fact I’m getting 2-4 soon as a “end of the school year gift”

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I actually have, about 15. Just can’t name them all off the top of my head. 😂


I have spent roughly $250 on them, then another $50 yesterday. And from now on I’m going to spend $50-70 a month on new plane(s). I’m also buying another one tomorrow a Gemini jets UPS 747-8f from eztoys.


I got none 😂 nowhere to put em for me.


I hate spending a lot on them. I always fish around for the best deal but most are out of stock ☹️

Well, I recommend 3 stores.
Number 1 - Amazon (Average $30-$40)
Number 2 - Die Cast Airplane shop (Average $30-$50)
Number 3 - Troys Toys (Average $20-$40)
Also, this guy does Gemini Jet reviews. He’s kinda young but if you skip through his videos you can see the plane and put it into scale.


I don’t think the box is at all that bad I don’t even have terminal at my airport!

I had one… It broke. It was a Hawaiian Airlines 717.

I have these models:
KLM 787-9 by GJ 1:400
KLM 777-300ER by GJ 1:400
KLM DC-10 by GJ 1:400
The rest is made by Phoenix.
I recommend! They have very rare planes in stock for a fairly low price! Otherwise i would choose Aviation Mega Store or EzToys

$25-$40 I have a 737 addiction

I have a gemini 200,etihad a380,Emirates,a380 and Emirates 777-300 JC Wings 200 i have a Saudia 747-400 and a SAS a330-300.i recently ordered a SAS 737-800 in the 70 years livery

You should try eztoys the prices are reasonable and they have models from all brands in all scales.😉

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RIP :( I’ve have many broken models luckily most of them aren’t severely damaged

How did you break them? I have only broken one model but it was a very easy fix.

  1. Cats
  2. Me being clumsy and accidentally dropping them
    Most have a gear issue

My dad has been an avid plane geek for a long time, and so he has been collecting them gradually for many years. I would say we have around 300 bye now, however as we are in a small house, none of them can be displayed really well. So we’re selling a few to save up for a thrills quadrant.
Great post by the way!

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My first model was a Banana bus and the engines fell off (and got misplaced) so I decided to make it an Airbus A320 NEO !(No Engine Option)

I currently have 6 Gemini200 models and 1 Gemini 1:100 Model. My 1:200 models are as follows:

  • British Airways A380-800 (G-XLEB)
  • Southwest Heart One B737-800 (N8642E)
  • Icelandair Hekla Aurora B757-200 (TF-FIU)
  • Lufthansa Retro B747-800 (D-ABYT)
  • Air Force One Boeing VC-25 (29000)
  • Vietnam Airlines B787-9 (VN-A861)

My 1:100 Model is a 757-200 with half being the American 2013 livery, and the other being the US Airways livery. This model commemorates their merger.

In addition, I have two more Gemini200s on the way:

  • American Airlines OneWorld B777-200 (N796AN)
  • Emirates A380-800 (A6-EUE).

Last time i bought gemini jets was last year, i spent more than 300 bucks. Because unfortunately in my country they dont sell them. So i bought 6 models
Lufthansa cargo md11 f
Ups 747-400 er
Klm 747
British airways 777-300 er
Turkish airlines a340-300
And an american 767-300 er