Gemini Air Cargo MD-11

Hello if dev it pretty much looks like you guys got most if not all of the known liverys would like to see geminis livery added as it seems to be the last known cargo user of the dc10 and md11 that hasn’t been added yet once again would love to see Gemini on the upcoming md-11 would be great to fly this lease line.


One picture per request and please revise the body of your request. Correct the formatting and grammar as you have to sell this to the community.


It can’t be for both?

Hey there, please could you change your title, and there is a one picture per post rule.

I have put it as MD11 for you, if you would prefer to make it a DC10 request just change the title and get rid of the MD11 image :)

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It may be advisable to give credits to the photographer of the photo used / provide a link the source of the photo.

Thanks :)

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