Gemini Air Cargo DC-10

Hello if dev it pretty much looks like you guys got most if not all of the known liverys would like to see geminis livery added as it seems to be the last known cargo user of the dc10 and md11 that hasn’t been added yet once again would love to see Gemini,Would love to fly DHLs former lease 😁

Please provide picture credits and a little more info on why you like this livery and why it should be added to Infinite Flight. :)


I remember seeing them as a kid at CYYZ parked on the FedEx ramp! those were the days (2005) , back when Martinair Cargo MD-11F came as well :) I’d love this livery on the game.


Your livery request has been looked at and the devs have answered your request with action! The Gemini Air Cargo Livery for the DC-10 has been added for the MD-11/KC-10/DC-10 Update! Which is now out for Android Devices (IOS out this weekend)!!

Thanks for your great feature request and have fun flying this great aircraft!

(Photo By @Cpt.TC)



Delivered in December 2017 release.