Gemini 200 Alaska Horizon Q400

Hi guys,
I had a lot of money left over from Christmas so I decided to get my first Gemini jets model. It’s my favorite plane, the Alaska Horizon Q400. Aside from a few scratches which I fixed with a marker that was a slightly different color, and the stand breaking when I was putting it together and having to fix it with glue, It’s an amazing model!

Brand: Gemini Jets

Scale: 1:200

Model: Alaska Horizon Q400

Price: $50 plus shipping

Copyright: 2011

Condition: New

Features: Spinning propellers, Spinning wheels, Turning front landing gear

Plane with box:

My favorite view, the front:

Size comparison with a penny and my Skymarks 1:200 747:

These are extremely rare models since they were made in 2011 and it was hard to find one. As far as I can tell from my hard searching, there is one more new model available online. If you want to buy it PM me for the link.

Thanks a lot for looking and please tell me what you think:-)


Very nice!

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Nice model. The Dash is a beauty.

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Thanks, I love every size of the Dash-8 more than any other plane😍

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Gemini jets make great models! I myself have about 15 of their 1/400 scale models but would love something in the 1/200 scale like this. I have already spent all of my Christmas money though :( Next year maybe!

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Where do you buy them, if you cannot advertise, PM me? would love a BA A318 for my desk at work

Nice! My Gemini 1:400 Dash is one of my favourite models ;)

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Cool, what livery is it?

Air Canada 😊

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Put this on eBay. :)

EDIT: Nevermind, thought you were selling this. Silly me.

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I like to get my Geminijets on Amazon, although you can find them in certain museums, shops, and on ebay.

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I need a Dash in my collection.

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If you want one like this PM me:-)

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