Gee Bee Model QED

Hi there,
since somebody already posted a feature topic of my favorite plane (Gee Bee Model R), I think the Gee Bed QED would also be a fun stunt plane in Infinite flight! :)


That is probably the ugliest plane I’ve ever seen. It looks like a mix between a spitfire and a taco. We need this in the game.


it does look a little odd I admit, but it must be fun to fly one of those ;)

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Great. Now I’m hungry @Cessna_Driver


To be realistic, I see this coming into IF no time soon. Lol


It took me a minute to identify what I was seeing lol. Nice plane but I sort of kind of hope it doesn’t get added. Can you imagine a flying taco landing while you’re taxiing? That’ll get heads turned.


Is that a plane? I agree with @Cessna_Driver it kinda looks like a taco. We need this.

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I love this so I think it should be added!

This is a no from me. Ew!

That is the best description it looks like it’s out of Disney Cars but nevertheless a great addition

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This plane is really hard to fly! Quite some people died trying to fly this plane.

'The R-1 rapidly earned a reputation as a potentially very dangerous machine. The small wings, very low polar moment of inertia, and tiny control surfaces made for an aircraft that could rapidly get away from all but the most skilled pilots. This shortcoming was common to most air racers of the day. During the 1933 Bendix Trophy race, racing pilot Russell Boardman was killed, flying Number 11. After taking off from a refueling stop in Indianapolis, Indiana, the R-1 stalled, and crashed.'

We really need this plane…

Is that a plane? Is that a taco?

its both

That cockpit makes me think of it as a passenger stunt plane LoL! Just imagine that!

Lol I love these little things. It’s from back in the 30s when air racing was, find an engine, strap wings to it, call it a day

Oh my god it’s like a Twinkie.

To me personally it looks more like a burrito. I also quite like this plane

More of a mix between a course air and a taco

We can all agree on this: It is a flying taco. Tacos don’t fly particularly well. Thus we must have it in the game because IF needs a flying taco.

Not with that attitude it won’t :-P

I order global to be postponed for this to be developed


it might look like a Taco to some, but it still flies and it is still a ‘‘delicious’’ looking plane ;)