GECAS Livery

General Electric Capital Aviation Services. Would be a pretty cool livery in my opinion!



I’m not sure about this one. It’s not an airliner, it’s a financing company that leases airliner aircraft and provide other services.
Cool looking? Yes, but not something I think IF pilots would want in their hanger.


What do they do? Is it a cargo airline or a passenger one?

Neither. It’s a finance company. Their business is aircraft leasing and services.

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That livery is quite nice…

Maybe that should be stressed a tad more…

It looks cool. I would love to see it in the game!!

Has a single aircraft actually worn this livery? I believe it’s just a marketing thing.

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That’s right.

Ok, that is the best livery I’ve seen in a long time. I love the lush, cool blues, and the clean font and logo ties in with the main plane beautifully.

Happy :-P?

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That’s beautiful ;-;

Yeah, my definition was swinging the other way.