Gear Up signal

I don’t know if you noticed that there is a lot of pilots that sometimes make this basic mistake which is forgetting to put the gears while landing.
There is a say that says “there is two types of pilots : those who forgot the gears and those who will”.

That’s why I’d like that when the flaps are fully deployed, and the plane is close to the ground, there is a voice that repeats “Gear UP” to prevent from forgetting to deploy them.

I know that there’s already a sign that says “gear up” when the flaps are fully deployed but obviously it’s not enough : there are still accidents because of that.

What do you think ?


Do you mean GPWS callouts

Yes just like when you are overspeeding

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Imagine doing a low-pass… -.-


Well, GPSW already exists in IF, for example when you hear “one thousand, fifty, forty, thirty, exc.” . FDS should add all his functions…

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This would be incredibly annoying. Nay it is. 👎


I don’t think that’s a good idea actually…


It’s a no from me too. We already have the callous and the gear up sign. If you still don’t have your gear down by then, rip


Should use checklists instead of relying on automation to remind you


Or what another basis could be of arming spoilers…tho I know ppl usually don’t do that in order to do smooth landings…but if its armed…we can have the gear callout voice…this is a good idea but need a very strong mechanism in order for it to work…anywhay good idea-)

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Like this pilot?


Would like to see more advanced callouts, including this. MM and OM among others would be great too.


landing gear; landing gear; landing gear; landing gear; landing gear…

Pilot: Ok, calm down and don’t nose back…!!!

Constructive thinking, but with enough gear up landings (crashes?) I would hope that even a complete nimrod would eventually start to remember the gear. Use checklists for every flight.

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Have you ever seen the swiss 777 fly by att Zürich they did not use gear during that fly by.

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Was that training server?

Great photo!

Yes. I feel most people on the casual/training Server would need this…

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too low gear


To make it the most realistic we would need a functional cockpit, so the gear indicators change colors from green to red.