Gear Up! Season 1, Episode 1: A Podcast by the V1, Rotate Team!


Hello Community! The V1, Rotate Squad is coming back at you with a brand new podcast! Named Gear Up!, the podcast takes you into the IFC, Infinite Flight, Real-World Aviation, and much more! Be sure to give it a listen! Your name might be in it!

Gear Up! Is hosted by @Shane and @JarrettFlies, two active IFC members dedicated to making your experience great! Listen to today’s podcast to learn about the IFC Awards, The Newest VA’s and VO’s, the hottest topics, 20.3 and 3-D Buildings, IFATC, and even the 737 MAX!

How to Listen

You can check out Gear Up! on our website as well as on Spotify! See the links below for the podcast! Leave a comment or give us a follow on Spotify! It would mean a lot!

V1, Rotate is a group of writers consisting of @Thunderbolt, @JarrettFlies, @TheAviationGallery, @Suhas, @ToasterStroodie, @Shane, @JulietTango, @alexev, and @Yacht that regularly publishes article relating to Infinite Flight and aviation.


Nice one, Jarrett and Shane!


Very nice.


I started listening to it and I like it a lot! I’m going to finish it tomorrow!


Very fine podcast


Very very good podcast! Informative and very detailed! Constant chatter and very professional for how long it is! Like it a lot, looking forward to more. The fact that you were able to keep up the constant chatter and not just read a piece of paper shows real skill! You were able to move on from points quickly and smoothly instead of those awkward silence moments.

Without a doubt the best IFC podcast I have heard! Really fantastic, looking forward to more. Very well done! 👏

Edit: Also absolutely love the thumbnail, can see this podcast going far!

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