Gear Up/Down

When do you guys put the gear up/down?
Since Gear Up is in After Takeoff Checklist, I usually put the gear up as soon as we are entering initial climb- the same time as putting Nav lights on. I’m pretty sure this is correct, but I’m not sure on landing- usually I put the gear down when on really short final, so it’s just finished coming out when I touchdown. If I need to slow down when entering final because flaps/spoilers aren’t killing enough speed, I sometimes put it out early for more drag. When is the official time to do it?

Gear up at 100 ft.
Gear down when passing the outer marker situated 4 to 7 miles from the runway threshold. A good reference is 1.300 ft if you are following the glideslope.

Since there is no copilot supporting me, I select gear up once I’ve stabilized the plane (positive climb and horizontal position).
Gear down usually with flaps 20. Somewhere between 2.500 and 1.500 ft.

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Laurens is correct! I usually put my gear out 4 to 7 miles out as well when flaps are out! When taking off I put gear up when a positive rate is achieved! Positive rate, gear up!

I always try to put the gear down at 1200ft. Gear up is always immediately after takeoff.

Gear up is positive rate of climb, generally 10 degrees. You should be putting gear up within seconds (literally 5 seconds) after takeoff, not waiting until after you’re already climbing out.

Gear down should be done earlier than short final. You want the aircraft configured for landing early. Like everyone said, from around 7 miles. If you’re having problems with too much speed, you need to start your descent to the airport earlier, so you can lower your rate of descent and burn off that speed. Don’t go racing in at 250 knots airspeed. Slow and steady makes landing 4000 times easier and smoother, and you have time to extend flaps as your speed continues to slow. Even if you are doing a base leg with a short 1-2 mile final (in a commercial aircraft) you should be putting your gear down on the base leg and have the aircraft (speed and flaps) configured prior to the turn into final


I’m totally different in a way. I take off, once I start to climb steadily, gear goes up. Though I put down my gear once I’m 25-30 miles from the airport, like once I start needing to settle the aircraft to a slower speed. Just in case I end up accidentally landing in the water, I have my gear down for an emergency landing.

If you are going to land in water gear up is much better! Don’t you think 25-30 miles is a little far away? Well it is for me :)


If I’m intercepting the glide slope I lower the gear at 7nm from the threshold

Positive climb, gear up! Make sure you have a positive vertical speed after take off and up it goes.

Gear down, I do it around 1500 feet, 4 - 5 NM so make sure I am fully configured and in landing configuration at 1000 feet in IMC and 500 feet in VMC.