Gear (Truck) Tilt

or was @Collin_McCracken referring to all planes?

Oof couldn’t agree more. Maybe the 787 could get a rework with the gear tilt plus making the engine noise silent

Why is the A350-1000 gear tilted backwards and the A350-900 is tilted forward. Why is it tilted in different ways. For exapmle the 777 gear is tilted backwards the same for all the othere variants. So why is the A350 family gear tilted in different ways.

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Cause the -900 has 4 wheels on each side and the -1000 has 6 wheels on each side. They both fit differently in the belly of the aircraft.
This is an offtopic question though. Enjoy the day!

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dam 747 gear tilt (truck) would make my whole life


I think it’s safe to say this has been added? Obviously if they fully rework an aircraft that does have gear tilt it will have gear tilt?


Agreed, I believe gear tilt is a given on full reworks now.

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who vote for this in 2020 ? On all future plane/rework there will be gear tilt.

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yes of course, it’s obvious