Gear (Truck) Tilt

This, in my opinion, is #1 on my list for needed IF features. Definitely Voting!

Voted. Maybe instead of pressure from the IFC for the A350, they should focus on something that will add so much to the game. It would make the A330 enjoyable, help pilots land better, and get better all-around plane usage statistics.

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I will vote for this but i have a few priorities. It will add realism into the game.

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We could actually butter heavies if this was added!

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Its a small feature but for me its a must have! Maybe it will come on the a350

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This is something we definitely would like to add ASAP. No news to share but if you’re out of votes, I’d save it and not vote on this one. We want it too and are working towards it :)


I wish many more would save their votes…


I agree with you…

I like the sound of that, Jason… 😁😉

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Woah that made my day even though it was 3 days ago

Thanks for the information Jason!. we wait and see 😳😂

Thanks Jason can’t wait😊😊😊😊


I guess it is already possible. It is a replay photo. Just a little work may make this real…


It could become real, the flower of my two eyes :)


yes ive been looking everywhere for this! truck tilt is a must! not only will it make it visually more appealing when landing and not realistic, the butter will butter more!!! theres nothing more satisfying than watching an aircraft land and seeing that sexy highheel effect

Maybe A350 can become with this feature, is it possible?

Definitely we need this

This comment from Jason still has me holding onto hope that we’ll see Truck Tilt in Infinite Flight sometime in the (near?) future. Would be neat to have on the A359, with the forward tilting gears. Would also be nice to have on the 777, even though it doesn’t have as much tilt as other aircraft do.

If the A330 ever got a full rework, this is something I’d definitely love to see on it.


I agree!

If the A330 is reworked, I think gear tilt should be added!


Like fr fr like I’m good at buttering a330 but still need gear tilt so u dot have to flare as much

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