gear tilt

if you look at the best IF photos, go down to the Boeing livery 787 and the gear is tilted, go down further and a B747 British airways has its gear tilt

That’s what happens when the gear goes up it tilts back and then retracts into its original position and then goes up


no, the gear is down, even have a look

It’s because the door opens slightly after the gear tilts so if you get it at the right time it appears it’s gear to lit since it’s a picture not a video


but i fly the 747 and the gear never tilts, all other photos of 747 no gear tilt, i’ve seen a few 787 with gear tilt

Here explains how to get the gear tilt.

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here this is explains how ^^^

so it won’t work on the 767

Looks lit :)


Apparently the person who tried it didn’t get that in the rest of the planes, only in the 787.

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No, as it says in the post

I think it works on the 744 and all the 787. I’ll check again

And what was the aftermath of that picture?

Go around and put down the gear properly

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Lol, of course, without the gear full extended in reality you would collapse and skid off the runway

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true that, like that emirates plane

I’ve “recreated” “gear tilt” to. When you put the fear up on the 787s they tilt. When you put the 744 gear up they tilt too. But not while landing


Explained thoroughly in other topics