Gear Tilt

Hi guys, so I was wondering, why do some aircraft have landing gears tilted forwards and some tilted back? Are there any advantages/ disadvantages or is it just a design style? Thanks!

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I think it’s to smoothen out the landing but the different tilts probably are for the type of aircraft and how it lands.

This tells you everything.

It’s for spacing under the cabin…


It could also be because not everyone comes at a smooth angle so if they cover aspects of any possible angle coming in for landing then chances being you have a safe landing rather than a crash landing some people like the tilt back when they go to land some like to come in straight and some people like to be a Daredevil come in with the nose tilt downwards

Correct me if I’m wrong here guys

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In the video I put, the Captain says it’s only for spacing in the gear compartment. I mean, he flys the 2nd largest passenger plane in the world for crying out loud.

Cool, thanks guys

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TL;DR it’s for spacing in the gear area and to activate the ground spoilers as soon as possible by having them touch down early.

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