Gear Tilt

I have seen other topics but a newer version for all the new aircraft that could be added

Gear tilt would add heaps of realism to the game. I know you can have a glitch in the game where it occurs but it would nice just to have it implemented in the game without having to go through instructions to get it.


This is just a picture of what gear tilt looks like.

This is a duplicate


Hi! Unfortunately this is a duplicate topic. While your feature request is adequate, please remember to search before posting. Remember Gear Tilt is also called Truck Tilit.



Could you at least read the blur? Not just say it’s a duplicate.

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Yeh but it’s still a duplicate, we have other requests for this…

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I did, and this topic is just as detailed as the other

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Hokey dokey, a mod will have to close it then

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Just flag it folks! Saves everyone some frustration and aggravation 😉