Gear tilt on the 787?!?

Time: 12:00 ETC
Server: Expert

So as you can see here, I put the gear down.
After I put it down, it tilted (just like how it does in real life)
And then this happened…: It went back to flat.

If any of the program editors, creators, etc are reading this, would you able to make it stay tilted (just like the A350 does) instead of becoming tilted and then getting flat. (Maybe something for the next update 😁😁😜)

That’ll happen if you get the screenshot at the right time. Gear isn’t tilted, just an illusion.

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@SimCaptain, It looked to me like it tilted. I think it actually does that, but it does it quickly so most people don’t notice it.

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It is tilted for that one second though, and makes for some great screenshots like this-

It’s not an illusion, it’s simply how the gear animation works right now for the 787

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I don’t thing the devs would have added tilt just to make it flat again…

But this is a common theory on IF.

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@Yacht, that literally that has to be one of the best screenshots of IF I have ever seen!

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I’m still in awe 😅

It’s animated, I think Laura said that