Gear tilt hey?

Man love the new gear tilt man. It’s so rad. Wait…no…that’s not how I sound… The new 787 is great. It even has gear tilt…wait…no it doesn’t. By definition, gear tilt is when the wheels titl upwards. Not staying flat. Is this a bug or is it actually how it is supposed to be?

It’s not a bug. When you retract the gear in the 787, goes from flat to an upward position and the flat again and up. When the gear is deployed, goes from flat to an upward position and then flat again. For now it will be like that.

If you want to get a gear tilt:

Does it do that in real life?

Maybe this shows the devs testing out gear tilt?


I don’t think if the plane does that IRL, I haven’t seen this in other planes with more than 2 tires in the main landing gear.

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