Gear tilt conversion from the A350 to 767

Hey guys hope your well. Now I know this may seem a bit weird but just hear me out.

  1. The A350 gear tilt and 767 tilt are very close

  2. I know for a fact a 767 rework wont come for a long time and me and you know that

Since a rework isn’t close we might as well use an element from the A350 a decently made aircraft and put it on the 767. We can enjoy the 767’s gear tilt to keep us entertained for a bit until they actually release the actual rework.
Anyways just an idea if you wanna see this make sure to vote!

Uuuuhhhhhhhhh (extreme pain)

Aircraft are designed separately, and although may look very similar, have extreme differences. This wouldn’t be something to ‘copy’ either.


First, the landing gear from the A350 is different to the 767.

Second, this request for gear tilt would be an element of this thread:


Your right but it’s just gear tilt and they can easily just modify it a bit. Tbh gear tilt is better than no gear tilt

Ok yes ik but like as a faster way to get just the gear titled atleast

*Screams even more

They probably look similar if you head your head on backwards with your binoculars pointed to the ground, and the aircraft about 5 kilometres away, yes.

This would just make it more difficult than help at all.


So they should just gloss over the rest of the features that are much needed of a rework?

They have said in the past that gear tilt requires a full remake of the 3D model. Therefore, there is no way to implement this without reworking the 767 completely.


Um ok lol I meant they can take the A350 gears they have already and MODIFY it or simpler *CHANGE IT

There’s an answer I’m looking for thanks for that info

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There’s no ‘simple’ part of that.

I’m out before I lose my mind with this logic lmao 😂


As said above, the entire aircraft would need to be reworked if that was to happen.

The attention to detail devs put in is insane nowadays and they would have to manipulate basically everything, they would prefer not to cut corners.


Ight lmao ok…

Yea your right should take another like year or so to rework it 😢😭