Gear Tilt Confirmed?

I just checked the Development Timeline website - and was pleased to see a new update; a peek at the 3D rendering on the A350’s landing gear. I could be wrong - but by the looks of it - gear tilt will be included with the A350 when it is released!


It doesn’t look tilt at all…


You’ll find out more information as they continue to build the A350.


I love watching these threads 🙃


For sure😂 when you know the real answer

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Just teeny teeny tiny bit excited 😊


Those tyres look ready for some tyre smoke! 🤣


But why else would they post a very specific part of the A350 - nonetheless one we have been on edge about, which would be the gear tilt.

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I mean the picture’s off axes, and we have no level surface to compare too. Probably not best to go out on a limb like this.

I didn’t mean to make any grand conclusions - which is why I included question marks in the title.

Let me dispel some of the speculation here. No works in progress photos or posts are anything but exactly what they are. If there does happen to be gear tilt, tire smoke, anti-aircraft missiles… whatever… it’s not necessarily indicated with artist renderings. I have a nose gear shot right now in my library from Jarno that shows the nose gear pointing in a direction they would never point in real life or in the sim. Artist renderings are incomplete and therefore not a good source of drawing conclusions.

Tell your friends.


Thank you, Jason, for that descriptive analysis. I apologize if I seem to be making speculations - as that is most certainly not my intention. Cheers.


But by mentioning it with no valid proof whatsoever it creates false hope, and so from now on every landing gear picture will be maby tilted, and people will be more and more disapointed when/if it doesn’t happen

I fail to see how speculation was not you’re intention when you made a topic about an unconfirmed feature based on a picture that barely proves anything.


Wait so We May or may not have gear tilt correct?

Or is it a no no I don’t get what jasonsaid

Maby not, maby so, we just have to wait and see… 😀


wt xD (imagine this being a thing lol)

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Am I not allowed to be excited?

It’s called being excited…Sorry, I forgot that’s not allowed, lmao