Gear tilt bug?

Hello, my name is Ben!

What I am proposing today will be about gear tilt. Due to the beautiful landings, some pilots have to experience the same incidents like gear breaking through the ground and this is an issue that I would like the game to resolve. Let’s listen!

  1. Boeing 787

This is the first plane I’m going to show you how unusual it is.

Look at this, it has gone through the ground and from what I’ve noticed, many versions seem to want the gear tilts to stick to the ground it’s the way it should be. The head of the aircraft must only be at 1-2.5 degrees.

Should be this

Credit : Akino33 Aviation Video Channel

It can be seen that the gears after the rear wheels touch in the background, then the front wheels will follow quickly (for those who land heavily), while those who land softly, the front wheels will descend slowly.

  1. Boeing 777

Go to the second plane I’m going to show you how unusual it is.

This boeing 777 is a bit of a problem, but there are actually quite a few issues with gear tilt. Since the Boeing 777 has 6 wheels, its size is quite long. To make it Butter, it would be quite strange. I’ll put a picture for you guys to see. (The picture might be blurry because I took it from my friend.)

So here you can see it’s a bit weird LOL, even so I hope it’s fixed. It can be seen that it would have been more beautiful if it were like this.

Credit : engmvideo

You can see it’s awesome,
Still, I’m going to end this quote here as this happened to the Airbus 333 and Boeing 747 and I appreciate your reading and hope the game fixes this.


that is just how the gear tilt works in Infinite Flight


It does have now, added back in 21.1 or when 3D buildings and clouds got introduced

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Yeah, 21.1 the tilt for the 787 and the 747 as you may know, have it now

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Oh okay! Knew about the 747, missed the news on the 787. Haven’t flown it for a while haha. Time to start again perhaps.


Also let’s not forget that the A333 in Infinite Flight does not have that ‘tiptoe’ effect when landing. The a333 will pretty much land like a 757, kinda sad if you ask me. We’ll see if IF fixes these important gear tilt details in the future, otherwise great reworked aircraft for now.

I ran into this problem too after landing, it was quite strange. and hope to fix it

I hope so because the wheels move through the ground. And the front and rear wheels don’t touch the ground at the same time (in this case, I mean reverse thrust), but it turns out that the front wheels are still tilting and the rear wheels go through the ground.

These issues are known and are being worked on.


It’s great to hear about the fix!

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The gear kind of immediately flattens when contact with the runway which disregards the ‘butter’ effect of the A330, B777

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What you said is correct but it’s not all. For the wheels on both sides to be attached to the runway, the tilt of the plane is 0-2 degrees.

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