Gear tilt and wingflex for all reworked aircraft in 21.1

With 21.1 nearly here and another aircraft’s partial rework being announced (747-8I), i am wondering if the other aircraft wich are getting a re-texture will also get wing flex and gear tilt? (A380 and 787)


Hello there,

We’re not sure about either of those yet, Infiniteflight has hinted potential touchups but not completely reworked.

You never know what’s next to be released, but to stay “woke” with the hype, please watch out in #announcements and #blog along with Official 21.1 Tracking Thread.

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Nothing confirmed about that, but they suspiciously didn’t put any photos with gears out midflight

keep an eye in the 21.1 tracking thread (or just wait for the update lol)

Becuase you don’t put your gear down while you are flying


Maybe on approach?

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Anyway they have sent a picture “midair”

Ye but that’s the 747

Let’s just wait and see :D

the council will take your suggestion into consideration


The gear tilt got confirm only for the B748. If it’s coming to other aircraft as well, you will see it somewhere here

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