Gear Tilt 787 Landing & Take-Off at KORD

Hi guys, it’s my new video
I used gear bug to this video, I think final effect is great
Let me know what you guys think, cheers

PS. I know, a little clickbait


Wow, beautiful! Great job!

Just shows how much more beautiful an aircraft can look with some gear tilt. Must have feature.


Brawo! Looks cool good job 😁


Wow, what a well done job on this specific video that you have made!


Cool! Just wondering how did you get the videos one on top of the other? Thanks 😉


Wow, really hard work there buddy! I’m really happy you can design this to this level all by yourself.

I’m eager to carry some suggestions to make the video even better!

  1. It sounds more realistic if you recorded the inside cockpit sounds while landing, people can hear the inside cockpit warning and such as “50, 40, 30, 20, 10” while you just showed a “500”

  2. While in a flight, takeoff always goes first then landing, you could construct your video to this order too, it seems more organized to make a video like this.

Thank you for showing this video to us, great job 👍🏻😉

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I know it bro but I wanted to the 787 arrived to Chicago (because Warsaw acutally is not exist) and then back to Poland.
However, thanks for advices! ;)

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How did you do the gear bug @Polish_Pilot?

You can can reproduce this bug by going to solo mode with a 787.
When you are in the air flying you lower the gears.
There will be a short moment where the gears are tilted.
Tap on the replay button at the bottom left corner of the screen and go to the moment where you can see the gear tilt then tap on live.


Nice thanks @A-FitzGerald

That was perfect! Well done!

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This is awesome, but you can’t actually land it like that. Maybe in the future we can get gear tilt.

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Yeah, but better if they fully focus on relase Global ;)

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I know. I’ve always wanted that. I like to take pics with the tiltIMG_0869


What aircraft has this Gear Tilt bug?

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I think only Dreamliners

How do you do the glitch?

Check up comments ;)

Basically, on solo, extend the gear in your Dreamliner and then press “replay” and at the moment the gear tilt has appeared - press “live”

For some reason it isnt working