Gear suspension animation

When I first downloaded IF and I hadn’t made a live account yet, I was flying in the free small areas and noticed that especially when landing, the gear suspension animation was visible, as in, it would sort of bounce on the runway with the springs cushioning the touchdown and it was really nice. I do not see this same animation on the live servers though. Is this an internet connection issue?


I do not see it on the pro subscription is what I’m trying to say.


No, that is incorrect. The reason is that only certain aircraft have gear suspension, the 737,A320, and CRJ family come to mind. As more aircraft are built or reworked, more aircraft will have gear suspension.


Oh, i am in a VA there i mostly fly the 737 and that’s the reason why i wroted that.

I was flying the 737 at the time. So all the 737 planes have this animation?

Not sure if all of them do, maybe a more credible user can confirm, but just tried it out with the BBJ and it has it.

The BBJ definitely does I’ve seen it. I haven’t for any of the other planes but I’ll check some replays.

I just ran some quick short finals, yea some planes have gear suspension and others don’t in IF, here’s what I just found:

A320 - present

B737-800 - present

B777 - not present :(

A330 - not present (no graphics update yet, only a recent flight characteristics update)

A380 - not present (obviously)

Seems that if the planes were older than 2015 they won’t have gear animation built into them yet.

Hope that helps
Cheers :)


What should come to mind is the A-10

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