Gear Smoke

As the last topic was made all the way back to May 2017, I’m gonna make a new one.
A real addition to realism I think would be the white smoke the tire of the gear produce upon landing, like in the real world!
(image from google)
I perfectly know that it would be a difficoult animation to make by the team, so there is totally no need to rush it, I think that as long as it’s done good, it can take up to a year. Vote for realism guys! Thanks

There seems to already be a post:

I understand it is old, but it has 91 votes, which is more than enough to keep it open (:


Yeah i pointed it out on the top

Its old so im making a new one

Please contact a moderator for permission before remaking a request.

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Did you already tell a mod ? You must flag the old topic and have it closed…

What does that mean?

It has 91 votes. That is way more than enough to keep the old one open. I would recommend bumping the topic to gain its attention back


Send a message to a moderator, and ask them if it’s ok to make a new one.

The old one might be old, but it’s been recently active and have a lot of votes as mentioned. So it stays.