Gear Retracting When Replay is Paused


I’m trying to take some photos with the replay feature for this new update, but this bug has really been annoying me. When I pause my replay to get a gear retracting shot, the gear still retract when replay is paused, this doesn’t allow me to take the photos I need, and is just annoying to have to deal with.

I’ve already re-updated the app, double tap swiped, restarted my iPad, all of the basics, but the issue remains. I’m pretty sure it is something buggy with the new update, and hopefully this will be fixed.

Edit: Here is an example

Notice how gear is up when I’m only at 150 feet AGL

Edit 2: I never participated in open beta so I wont post this there.

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Happens to me as well, I can provide a video if needed

This was a known issue when open beta was happening.

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As @MJP_27 has said, it was reported in open beta here’s the thread:

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Okay! I will look at that thread, hopefully this gets resolved.

I think this can be closed seeing as there is already a suitable topic for this given above

Yes it is a known issue. It’s super annoying for me as I can’t take any gear retraction shots with a proper angle anymore.

Known issue. They’re working on it