Gear randomly coming down

Reasently when I’m flying, the gear drops without me pressing the button. This happens about 4-7 times/flight. My device is: IPad Pro.

Could you give us your operating system? And maybe a picture or GIF would help us better understand your problem.

Are you using voice commands with In-Flight assistant? (A 3rd-party app)


To add to this, are you using any 3rd party apps?

Use this as a guide when creating a support ticket:

It helps pinpoint the issue and solve your issue a lot sooner.


This happens to me to

Are you using In flight assistant?

Ok @Alexander_Pehrman, go to solo, Take off from any airport and making sure to not touch the device AT ALL after setting A/P watch whether the gear still do this. If they do, please rotate your device upside down and make IF rotate too and repeat (I have an idea)

Let’s calm down now people :)
9 responses in less than 7 minutes, give the op some time to breath.


If you haven’t already try turning IFA off and see if that works. If it does, contact @ epaga for IFA related glitches

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