Gear out for entire flight

And more fuel consumption

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Wrong. I think you need this
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If they go faster than 220 knots I do believe it will be damaged or even get ripped off.

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Depends on the plane. Some are rated for 300+

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Sounds about right but you have to be pretty crazy to go above 200 knots with the gear down.

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For a whole trip, yeah.

Don’t forget some like C172 are fixed gear.


Yes I wonder why it’s different for a Cessna 172

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On the 747 you can leave the nose gear down for a bit and get cool camera views!

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Sadly more realistic


Thank you for the video this was the aircraft I actually was thinking about leaving gear out, not a pilot though so I wouldn’t

It’s different because the drag is negligible on the 172 in terms of weight. Adding retractable gear wouldn’t be helpful because it would reduce the usable payload on the aircraft due to weight issues, absolutely destroy the takeoff performance, and shoot producctiong and matinence costs way up.

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At the speed that a jet flys, they would be ripped off!

The 172 is aimed towards training and the casual pilot. Adding retractable gear would put it in a different market for people who want a bit more speed and are willing to pay more. Also, fixed gear is more robust suitable to training flights

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Is this your video? If it is it’s nice

No - I saw it posted on the forum a while back, and thought it would be worth sharing on this topic. It’s amazing!

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Not nescessarily.

Airspeed is what counts.

There is a gear limiting speed (270kts IAS rings a bell). Also, for the 777, our fuel burn is normally around 6 tonnes per hour. Gear down you’ll be looking closer to 10-11 tonnes per hour due increased drag!

Is it done? Yep, gear down ferry flights if there is a system issue. Not normally done with passengers! ;)

The reason most PPL aircraft have fixed gear is that such things as retractable gear and variable pitch propellers make an aircraft a ‘complex’ type whereas the normal 152/Warrior is a non complex aircraft.

Hope that helps.


Everything useful I learned in school I taught myself. Keep up the good work and keep asking questions.


Thank you very much for the the compliment and keep chasing your dreams even if you have to teach yourself

You would use more fuel