Gear glitch on the 739

So I was taxiing at VABB just now in the jet airways Boeing 737-900. Then my gear glitches into the ground, bounces up and still sticks into the taxiway.

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Clear your scenery cache.
General > Scenery Cache > Clear

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Hello mate,

This usually occurs when the scenery cache is corrupted.

To fix this issue, please head into your settings in-app and clear the scenery cache.

Make sure to restart your app after you have done this and this should solve the issue.


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This happens to me when I push my yoke all the way forward, but it isn’t the same aircraft. Now I do believe this is a scenery thing. So as stated by @Aviation108, you should do that, and it should resolve the issue.


Thanks guys, you can close this now.

OP requested closure and issue has been solved.