Gear extended when not

Okay, just to clarify this is not the glitch where the in solo if you press takeoff when retracting gear it keeps going. THE PROBLEM IS I was practicing short finals and I was not replaying it btw. But it says my gear is extended when it’s not.

Anyways, device info is iPhone 8 Plus 64gb running infinite flight version 18.6

Just double tap it and it should be fine

reset the app


try restarting the app or smthng like that
Maybe you should reintall it but Idk

Dear people who comment because they don’t have a solution… Yes, this person is aware that they could restart the app and end their flight or reclick the gear button and whatnot…

What they are trying to point out is the fact that this is indeed a glitch that popped up and something that the Infinite Flight Team needs to look Into to try to reproduce and find a fix…

Let Mods/Staff deal with this


For now it’s fixed, I’ll tell you guys again if it continues

EDIT: happened again

Umm so is a staff member going to answer this

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This is a known issue with solo. The devs are aware.


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