Gear Down’s “Weekend ATC”


What exactly is Gear Down’s “Weekend ATC?”

Gear Down’s “Weekend ATC” is a weekly event at a different airport each Saturday at 11:30 AM Eastern Time.
The reason it has ATC in the name is well, the ATC! I will be doing Ground and Tower each weekend, with open spots for Approach / Departure.

How does Gear Down’s “Weekend ATC” work?

It’s simple! Each Sunday, I will post a Poll asking the community what airport we should do next Saturday. Once the community decides what airport by Saturday, it will be event time! Which brings us to the notams!


  • Please abide by all instructions given by ATC, If you think that the ATC has messed up, please comment what they did wrong and how they can do better next time.

  • Each event lasts an 45 minutes to an hour on average, this should give everyone time to depart, arrive, or do both.

  • Always be professional, if you still have things to learn about Infinite Flight, I recommend diverting yourself to a tutorial video by Infinite Flight, or a community thread.

More information

  • Every event is on Training Server

  • Each event is at 11:30 AM

Event 2

Saturday, November 2, 2019 3:30 PMSaturday, November 2, 2019 4:30 PM

Choose the Airport!

    • Flughafen Zürich, Switzerland (LSZH)
    • London City Airport, England (EGLC)
    • Princess Juliana International Airport, Sint Maarten (TNCM)

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I am not responsible for any violations, down-grades, etc.

See you there!

Very cool ATC event, I will see if I can come👍


Thanks, hope to see you there!


Very nice idea!


Thanks! :)

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First time seeing one of these for me! Great idea! Perfect for getting feedback and good controlling time as well!


Oh, thank you for that! It also is a pretty good idea.


Come on everyone, we need at least 50 voters in here!

Almost at 50 votes! if we can get 100 by Tuesday, I’ll do a landing competition for the next weekend!

@GearDownAviationYT… MaxSez:… Interesting Concept. Note you joined the Forum on September 20th. Not much time on the Forum for orientation and expertise to generate a recurring volunteer event. What’s your history; Aviation experience, general qualifications and leadership potential (examples).
Your Bio states “maybe you should get to know me”. Well do tell?


Hello everyone, I’d like to point out that each Friday I’ll link a new topic for each event, it will have recommended routes, updates on the time left until the event as well as the traffic patterns for the event!

See you there!

Two more days! Let’s try to fill the voted Airport!

Airport has been chosen!

Event 2 is being voted! Let’s get these votes in!

Poll isn’t working. 😉

It should be good now

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I’m just gonna delete this

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