Gear down glitch

I was flying last night when I wake up to me crashed and my GEAR DOWN at night while o did touch anything bc I was sleeping. I didn’t have third party apps. So why is but fear coming down by it’s self. This is very aonny as I also got a violation.

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Can you share your replay with us please?

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Ok sure.

I deleted it rip

Do you have IF assistant by chance? I know someone had this issue with that

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No I did not and even if I don’t have the voice thing

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Well since you were sleeping was the phone facing up or down??

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It was up and ima case any way so that’s not the thing.

Without a replay it’s going to be very hard to find out what happened.

IF doesn’t just stick your gear down in flight though.


Perhaps, if you would like to investigate this further, you could try to reproduce this issue and share the replay with us if it happens.

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Okay this happens a lot so probably can see t flight

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