Gear Down changed to slide down

In rare instances I believe all of us have had the accidental screen bump that hits a button that causes problems to arise with our flights. This is usually either AP or even the gear button. This topic is focusing on the gear button. My suggestion is quite a simple improvement that would mitigate accidental selection of the gear button. I would like the gear down and gear up option be moved to the slide down selection like as seen in the flaps button. Not only does this prevent accidentally lowering or raising your landing gear from a bump but also adds a slight more realistic feel of selection just as the flaps have the feel as well.

In the nicest way possible, I think it’s useless. If you accidentally “bump” the gear button no damage is done, just quickly press it again and nothing happens.
Now I’m all for this feature in AP commands as disconnecting accidentally is disastrous if you aren’t there to recover.


changing the gear is not nessecary. it could be helpful with autopilot though!

You forget that these accidental button selections usually happen without someoneactually paying attention to the screen. There are serious problems if you do just select the gear by accident where if you do not notice in a timely manner you are going to potentially put yourself at near stall speed which will result in a crash, and second you will be burning through your fuel quickly as your thrust will go to 100% trying to get you back up to speed.

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True, while that can be an issue, I don’t seem to find that it happens often.

Sounds like a cool idea but I think it’s going to be useless because not many will notice the gear as they could be talking to ATC or something.

I mean the button lights up when a certain thing is activated. Not really an issue for me. Best of luck but saving my votes. :)

Hmm I actually kind of like this request. Having the gear toggled the same way as the flaps seems reasonable and user friendly. I’m sure most people here would rather vote for movable tray tables or something absurd though lol.


I love the idea but it should not only be for the gear maybe the ap as well and if there is anything else like that would be good as well. I hate making mistakes operating a flight and usually end up quitting cuz I am kind of a perfectionist lol

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I like this idea because the gear lever also has the “gear off” setting in many cockpits.