Gear down at cruise

I don’t know if anyone had this problem before, but i have started doing some overnight flights this week, and just in my first flight, i woke up to a crash and a speeding violation. It seems like, at cruise, the landing gear goes down by itself and stalls the aircraft! Since i live alone, it’s not possible that someone lowered the landing gear manually.

So i’m really confused right now. Just wanted to check if somebody had a similar story.

Device: Iphone 14
Operating system: IOS 16.5.1

This might sound crazy, do you have any pets?


Hello, there are a few possibilities here.

  1. You climbed too high too fast which due to the weight of the plane and the thinner air, caused the plane to stall.
  2. You activated vnav which caused your plane to automatically begin descending along your flight plan.

There isn’t any way the landing gear automatically lowered itself. If you would like to share the replay, I’d be happy to take a look and give you a more definite answer.

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it shouldn’t have stalled if you had your speed set to a reasonable speed

It would be better for us to see the replay so we can have a better understanding of what’s going on.

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It’s likely nothing in IF itself. These are the only two prior topics I could see:

You can show us your replay through

Gear doesn’t just come down by itself mid flight (at least in this game). If you review the replay and it actually shows gear down when you crashed perhaps we can look into it. I’ve flown more than 12000 hours and never had the gear come down without me instructing it to.

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