Gear down all time

Is this a glitch or it is only happening with me ?

These do not appear to be the aircraft you’re flying? If so, why would you know if the pilot of these aircraft decided to put their gear down or not?

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It’s a known glitch where things like doors and landing gear appear to be in a different state than they actually are.


It’s a Known glitch that it shows the gear down but on there screen its not or maybe it is
But it’s a glitch

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I remember the 777 door glitch and some IFC members going skydiving. That’s was funny.


Ok,Thank you all for your response!

No……I saw it numerous times

I’ll check it out. I did see all the other topics on the issue. Your second image though has flaps down and looks like it could be in landing configuration. But yes I did see all the other voices elsewhere about this.

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