Gear and the altitude

On what altitude should I down my gear ?

2,000 to 3,000. Or whenever I’m cleared to land.

I think 2000ft is the normal altitude. Maybe something @Mark_Denton knows?

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I was to,d by a 777 pilot that you usually lower it 7nm from the airport.

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A Delta CRJ pilot told me at about 6nm from airport.

I drop the gear when the airport is in sight

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isn’t in IF 6NM is like already very close to the runway?

To me, I think 2NM is a little bit far from the runway. Probs just me

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Not really, 6nm is far enough…

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rip you can tell ive been doing something wrong for the pass

6 months

Around 6-10nm

I go about 2,500 feet agl, but it depends on he weight, speed, airport, runway, etc.

Same that’s what I usually do

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That pilot told me that you should have everything on the aircraft set up and ready for landing (flaps,gear,speed,lights…) at no less than 5nm from airport.

There is no specific altitude,from 5NM out.

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I do about 8-9 nm from the runway.

Anywhere between 4-12 out. Around 6nm for a precision (ILS) approach, but for a non-precision approach you would be fully configured at the final approach point (around 10-12nm out) whereas at the other extreme on a low drag approach the gear goes down at 4nm out.

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I drop my gear at the top of descent, might as well have it out then since it’s all down hill from there ¯_(ツ)_/¯