GE90 engines in the new B772

as you know recently the b772 was updated and with this also the types of engines. Something I would like them to change for the B77W would be the central part of the GE90-115B engines since when compared to a video while they are on, I realized that the reworked b772 ge90s look bad.

is there any chance that you change the center of the engine to make it look like the RL ge90? comparative image below

(I know that the engines of the b772 are the ge90-95b but it will look the same in the 77W)

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I’m sure the developers will add that in the B777-300 rework in 20.2

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What exactly are you referring to - the engine cone? If you are, have a look at RR engines on the B772 (take American or British Airways liveries). Do you find that their engine cones are any better?

The reason the engine cones are different from when the engine is not running vs when it is (you’ll notice that when the engines are not running, the cone is much more detailed), is that it’s to do with motion blur and there may be some limitations on how ‘good’ the cones can look when the engine is running with the current system.


Yes, I mean that. It would be nice to see the ge90 what RR engines look like

Okay, thanks! I’ll bring it up with the team when I can to see if any improvements can be made. I can’t make any promises though, but thanks for the heads up!

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Sounds good! Thx for the help :)

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