GE tests GE9X engine

That’s true. But just Imagine If it could work. :)

It’s really crazy how big the engine is. I can’t wait to hear how it sounds!

Oh my god, how did they get that on it. Imagine that on an Embraer or something.

Probably won’t be able to get it on, haha.

That would be the funniest thing ever, the engine is bigger that the plane itself LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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You’d have thought that during manufacture, they’d have realised that one of the engines was slightly larger than the others…

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That one looks massive.
Can’t wait to see it on the LH 77X :D

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Provided that the diameter of this engine is wider than the fuselage width of the ERJ, I don’t think it would exactly work.

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And refrigerators

They have such a strange product range. Refrigerators, washing machines, and then airplane engines. How do you go from household appliances to airplane engines? 😂

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What a massive piece of machinery!

RIP WINGS (sheared off)

And maybe just the fact that a gaping 11ft diameter engine is staring at you idk

Sorry, I had to :P


In the Cold War you could add nukes to that list.

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This is really cool, I’m so excited to see it on the 777 its self! Here’s a video about it that I found:


Photoshop of the year! This is awesome haha

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Yes, the GE 90 has allowed 510 kn (actually 569 its enormous) and the GE 90x has about 470 Kn

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I believe that the older generation GE90-115b’s had 115,000 pounds of thrust and the new GE9X produces 105,000 pounds of thrust. The new, bigger wing on the 777x creates more lift than the previous 777 wings. This reduces the amount of power needed to create the necessary lift needed to fly. However this could be wrong :)

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But even with the buoyancy you are right … But as far as I know the blades of a GE9 do not turn as fast as on an A 320 or B 737 …
Otherwise such a shovel would just break if it were that fast …

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