GE tests GE9X engine

GE recently attached their GE9x, the engine that will power the 777X to their 747 test frame. The engine has a fan diameter of 134 inches! The size difference between the GE9x and the powerplant on the 744 mothership is insane. The GE9x is based off the GE90 and will be around 10% more efficient.


GE brought their test bed here to ANC a few years back, got a chance to get on and get a tour of it!


Oh dear, that’s one big engine… nice to see they’re progressing!


I love seeing the engines powering the B777 on the B747 test bed. It puts the other engines to shame 😂


No doubt 😂😂😂😂 It really is mind blowing how big that engine is.


Nice! I remember seeing the production and testing of the engines. The GE90 was really cool, but I think this one might just top it.

I think we should petition Boeing to build a 747 using those engines! 😂 Imagine the power!

Anyway, glad to see the 777X progressing. Can’t wait for it to enter service.

I thought the same thing looking at it. Probably has to due with the illusion that is created next to the hair dryer that its mounted next to.


Interesting! I am curious to see how the test will go.

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I think the 777-9 is basically a two engines 747 without the top deck

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Hold up, are those United 747s in the background? Cries Rip
But on the other hand, I remember seeing a pic of this plane when they first put the engine on it, but I thought they tested it months ago, but I guess it was delayed because of some maintenance problems or something like that


That’s big but really noice!!

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If I’m not mistaken they actually used 2 GE90s to power a 747, but I can’t remember if it was a simulation or real test.

EDIT: I think it was simulated.

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That engine looks photoshopped

It can’t be. 777’s engines are always big.

Hehe, that image looks funny. Almost photoshopped 😂

Holy moo moos the engines are big. Imagine seeing this IRL. 😨

What engines do the 747s come with? Aren’t they CF6s? That just shows how bigger is better in terms of efficiency.


Looks awesome! Must be perfect on 777X😝