GE Flying Test Bed Boeing 747-400

This ex Japan airlines 747-400 would be such an amazing addition to IF. This aircraft tests new engines manufactured by GE collects the data, and stores the collected data to be looked at. I couldn’t find a feature request for it so I’m requesting for it. Don’t forget to vote for it!

Why mention it’s ex Japan Airlines? Maybe explain the purpose of it…


Ok give me a minute.👍

Added the details to it.😉

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I don’t think it’s worth time of developers to add it since there is already multiple variants of 747 in IF. If we could change the second engine to a different one to act like if we are testing a new engine then it would be cool.

I would prefer GE’s first flying test bed over this plane since it has done lot of tests on various engines such as GE90 which was just couple of feet away from ground. The gif from GE report is actually GE90 on the first flying test bed.

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Actually this plane also tests engines for the new 777x the A380, 747, 787, and the CFM leap engines.

Actually it hasn’t tested new GE9x engine yet. There is still lot of ground tests to be done before it can go on new flying test bed.

Nope, GE brought that new flying test bed in 2011 then spent 14 months to rewiring it for tests. Boeing 787, Airbus 380, 747-8, and 320neo were already in air by then. First flying test bed did engine test for those planes.

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I really do like the livery, although I think we will have to stick to one new pair of engines which would need to be coded plus designed from scratch. Correct me if I’m not right. 🙂

I think the tour guide there told us they might be testing this summer!😱

You are right i was thinking this could be something like the 747 Sophia.😉

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They did test those engines I just got back from a tour at the GE hangar in Victorville and the tour guide said that they were indeed tested on that plane. Maybe different variations.😉👍

I guess this just isn’t to popular.😔

I think so I Just saw this plane up close.😱

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When has GE supplied a engine for the A380?

General Electric and Pratt & Whitney are both members of Engine Alliance which manufactures GP7200 for Airbus A380.

Oh, I thought the Trent 500 was the only engine supplier.

Edit: Nvm there are actually 4 Trent 900, Trent, Trent XWB, and the GP7200

The Trent 500 is on the 777 as well as the GE90 right?

Trent 800, PW4000 and GE90 on early versions of 777, GE90-110/115 is only engine choice on 200LR, 300ER, and Freighter.

Not with a google search it doesn’t

I don’t know but they kept saying how they tested an a380 engine on their 747.👍

Yes please, it looks great. Maybe it could be added with a test engine installed, or a customisable test bed! I’d love to have tiny biz jet engines or a 777 engine test.