GCXO issue?

Hi guys. I just attempted to land at GCXO and I just went through the floor. Is this a known issue or was it something I did? Cheers

Have you cleared your cache?

A while back before I took off from KMEM

Must be a glitch - I’ve moved this into the #support section since it sounds like a glitch

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Thank you. Appriciate it.

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Often times a simple restart will do the trick. Other times clearing your cache should fix it. In some extreme cases you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app.


Thank you I’ll try again tomorrow see what happens. Just one quick question when I went back into the game I was falling through to the centre of the earth and it was saying I was getting a speed vio. If I’ve got one any chance it could be removed as I wasn’t actually in control of the plane?

This happens to many of us, if a simple restart doesn’t work try and re download the app.

Ok not to worry the vio isn’t there but there was a red warning before I exited the app. Phew!

Ok thanks. I’ll restart and clear the cache more often and try again. Thanks for all the advice.

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Look it a glitch, try to restart the app. That was weird.

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Great thank you. Yeah did it seems to of worked.

Please can you close this now mods. Thanks for all the help 😎 @schyllberg