GCTS - Tenerife South Airport

I’m pretty proud about that one: There was a lot of work involved in it, but now every single little line is where it should be. Since I was there a few weeks ago I couldn’t just not do that airport myself.

A possible route to fly to or from this airport would be LSZH-GCTS with a Swiss A319 or 321. Enjoy.

I think @David_Lockwood requested it in the global suggestion list, even though I had already started it when it was requested, here you go ;)


Looks amazing, very nice work! After I’ve seen this I need to add this airport to my LSZH-GCFV route. LSZH-GCFV-GCTS with SWISS A321SL, I’m looking forward to it!

Woah. Nice work love that airport.

That island would make for a great approach!

Thanks @Nick_Art, looks a great job! Yes I requested it has have flown a few times in and out of there and look forward to doing so when Global flight is with us!

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