Gclp-eham transavia b737-800

A few months ago I did a flight from GCLP (Gran Canaria) to EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol) in a Transavia Boeing 737-800.

  1. Server: Expert Server

  2. Route: GCLP/LPA to EHAM/AMS

  3. Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

  4. Livery: Transavia

  5. Callsign: Transavia 737

  6. Cruise altitude: FL380

7 Cruise speed: MACH 0.78

8 Flight time: 3 hours and 58 minutes

Engine startup completed, controls checked so ready to taxi!


Reached our Cruise altitude 38000FT


Starting our descent into EHAM, expected runway 27

Gear down!


At the gate.

What do you think about this pictures?


Nice pictures!

Thank you!